TAT – Tallinn Townhall, Tallinn

Architects BIG Architects, Copenhagen
Realisation 2019
Services System design, Structural design, Thermal design of the envelope, Daylight control
Fields Water proofingSnow guardsOpaque roofsRoof terrazzesFacade maintenance systemsOpaque facadesGlass facades

The Tallinn Town Hall is located in the city center of Tallinn just outside the old historical city center. The building has been layout as a small village, like an  extraverted network that opens up to the city and the cityzens. The ground floor is like and open place with public services and the offices are located at the upper floors. The roofs are made in to roof terraces to allow the public to move around in and on the building and to have a magnificent view of the old city.

The facades are glass facades and metal facades. The office floors a very deep and with the low sun angles at this location the glass facades should be designed to allow for maximum daylight and still avoiding glare and overheating of the office spaces.

The general facades has been designed as inverted closed cavity facades, mechanically ventilated. The very tall facades in the main council hall is designed as a double glazed, mechanically ventilated facade. Both facade types are inverted  to allow for light weight interior openings. The blinds in the cavity are special types developed for blocking and redirecting the daylight deep into the spaces.