MCB – Museum Center Blåvand, Denmark

Constructor Museumscenter Blåvand Fonden, Dänemark
Architects BIG Architects, Copenhagen
Realisation 2015-2017
Services System design, Structural design, Building physics
Fields Concrete roofsGlass facades

The MCB is a new museum in dunes located on the Danish west coast. The museum is situated next to an old second world war bunker and is located below ground in the dunes.  The museum will have a variety of exhibitions.

The large cantilevered concrete roofs have no columns and LM was commissioned to design the slabs to a minimum deflection while taking the load of the dune build-up. The facades are developed as full height glass facades with no vertical mullions. Bespoke connection details between the glass and the concrete slabs was designed to accommodate the 80 mm deflection of the roof.