ARC – Amager Ressource Centre, Copenhagen

Constructor Amagerforbraending, Dänemark
Architects BIG Architects, Copenhagen
Realisation 2014-2018
Services System design, structural design, building physics, materials, testing and prototyping, tender spcifications and construction services.
Fields Plant build-upsFacade maintenance systemsOpaque facadesGlass facades

The Amager Ressource Centre (ARC) is a waste to energy plant that is economically, environmentally and socially profitable. It intensifies the relationship between the district Amager and the city center and makes it more interesting by expanding the range of leisure time activities provided. Due to its size and characteristic façade the ARC is going to be a new landmark in Copenhagen.

The facade is designed as 10×3 meter prefabricated panels installed on a steel structure with a 10 m. grid. The aluminium boxes form the structural part of the panels. Due to the large façade area, the optimization of the aluminum structure was crucial. By using finite element analysis in combination with real tests the aluminum was reduced to 3 mm sheets. The aluminum is untreated and corrosion testing of different alloys was executed to proof the 40 years lifespan. 30% of the facade will have plants installed and drainage and irrigations systems was developed as an integrated part of the facade panels.