AP – Audemars Piguet Museum, Switzerland

Constructor Audemars Piguet, Le Brassus
Architects BIG Architects, Copenhagen
Realisation 2016-2018
Services System design, Structural design, Thermal design, Complex geometry design, Snow drifting assessment, Prototyping and testing. Tender and procurement services.
Fields Water proofingGlass doorsFacade maintenance systemsOpaque facadesGlass facades

The museum is located near Geneve at the site of the watch maker Audemars Piquet.

The structure is concrete slabs with no columns, only supported by the exterior curved glass walls.

The glass walls are designed for energy performance, vertical and horizontal dead and live loads and seismic load. No codes are available for such glass design and extensive calculations prototyping and testing has been executed during the design process to testify the required redundancy and performance of the silicon based load transferring connections between the glass and the concrete structure. The structural calculation of the glass units and interfaces have been examined and optimized in finite element simulations.