Who we are

LMH is a multidisciplinary team of architects, engineers and building physicists, designing and engineering building envelopes and light weight structures. We are located in Zurich and Copenhagen and work worldwide, currently with emphasis on the European market, the middle east and Asia. We support our clients with strong competences in both architectural design and engineering, including structural, mechanical and energy engineering as well as building physics. We offer a 360-degree envelope design approach integrating all design issues in one process developed by one entity.


After centuries of evolution, the façade has developed from a solid loadbearing wall with punched windows to a multilayered, high performance skin. Architects have almost total design freedom and with infinite construction techniques, increased demand on energy consumption, indoor climate and focus on interaction between the architectural object and its surroundings facade design is a complex and multidisciplinary task. Our vision is to develop facades that brings architectural richness to the build environment and deals with the ever-increasing technical demands.We want to develop facades where architecture and technical concepts are merged in a seamless way.


Close collaboration with our clients and the design team is paramount and understanding the architectural design intend is the fundamentals of a succesful design. We appriciate a holistic design approach and consider us as a part of team being responcible for the entire building design. We take an active role in the structural, mechanical and energy design and we believe in strong engagement between the design diciplins. We believe in building trust and knowledge within the team and support the team members to make powerfull decisions. We design robust and redundant solutions to maintain the design intend throughout all design stages.